Meet Carson


In my own life, health, fitness, and overall well-being have always been part of my personal “fabric.” I was born into a wellness-minded, fitness-focused family, and from an early age I was encouraged and empowered to participate in sports. I credit those athletic pursuits with the development of my energetic work ethic and a solid commitment to life-long fitness. But even under such supportive, health focused circumstances, I struggled with self-esteem, body image, and being comfortable in my own skin. It wasn’t until the age of 26 when I hired my first health coach and established a functional nutrition plan that I began to acquire the knowledge critical to properly fuel my body. The results of my redirected efforts have been life changing. The “reset” in my personal nutrition, which surprisingly involves eating more, lead to markedly improved strength and vastly improved body image. The focus of my exercising shifted from wanting to change my body to maintaining the positive changes I had achieved. Participating in a bodybuilding competition ultimately became a personal goal, and I approached it with a laser-sharp focus. After three competitions, I was a nationally- ranked Bikini competitor with two First Place titles and one Second Place title. My own successes have fueled my passion for extending a positive health and fitness experience to others, regardless of individual goals. My belief is that everyone deserves the opportunity to be comfortable, happy and healthy. I believe that one can be fit without losing balance in their lives and achieve results without making unreasonable—or unhealthy—sacrifices. My determined intention, supported by my experiences and ongoing education, is to assist my clients in reaching their fitness goals as well as experience true self-love, self-confidence, and most importantly, self-respect. Visit to inquire.