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Simply living in a stressful state more often than not is self sabotage at its finest. Most of the time we don’t even realize it’s happening!


Think about it- Stress makes us tired, snappy, we look like hell and our bodies suddenly stop cooperating. The sabotage cycle has already begun when these signs are apparent.




On one hand, stress signals the body to change various hormones and their levels in order to help us adapt. That’s great!


On the other hand, our bodies are NOT designed to battle stress on a daily basis (like so many of us ask it to do). Push your body too far and it will release special signals (neurotransmitters) that are REALLY NOT GOOD.


Here’s the nightmare that stress is causing inside your body:

  1. Increased heart rate, forcing your heart to work way harder than it should
  2. Hormone secretion resulting in major bloat, water retention & horrible digestion
  3. Disruption of your menstrual cycle that can eventually impair reproductive function
  4. Decreased thyroid function, resulting in ZERO energy, way less sleep and frustrating weight gain (despite not changing ANYTHING in your diet or routine).


Stress is inevitable. But managing it is KEY to our lifelong health and happiness. Looking for tools to help you reduce stress, understand your body and be confident in your skin?



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